Gold Underfoot

The onset of fall has me thinking about warmer design elements, and brass is one of my favorites.

The Pursuing Vintage shop has many brass home accessories, however I wanted to share some fabulous ways to add brass or gold in a more permanent way.


I just love the way brass pairs with marble.  Brass or gold accents on the floor are so unexpected – the details can be large (like the veins running off the bar in photo 3) or small (like the simple border around the herringbone floor in photo 5).

Have you used gold in a unique way in your home? I’d love to hear about it or see it!

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Brass Menagerie

Styling with brass

Let’s face it: Brass is Back!  Brass figures and bookends can add a lot of interest to a space.  It can be found in a variety of forms – from animals to fruit to abstract art.  And, it can be found in a variety of finishes – from dull to shiny to scuffed to a warm golden glow.

Here is inspiration for how you can use brass figures or bookends to style bookshelves and tables:

via View Along the Way

The brass elephant really stands out in front of the painting.

via Moth Design

The brass Buddha and gold mirror complement each other among the color-coordinated books.

via Pinterest

This pair of ibex bookends makes a statement on a table.

Adore Home via Pinterest

You don’t have to keep a pair of brass bookends together – these ibex bookends have been split up and they work.

Adore Home Magazine

A brass figure can glam-up a stack of magazines.

Cozamia via Pinterest

Brass just looks good with abstract art.  It can’t help it.


You can have more traditional decor, and still accessorize with a brass animal.


So now you have ideas – but where, or where can you find some great brass accessories?  Thank Goodness I’m here to help!   The Pursuing Vintage Shop as some great options for you!  Take a look!

Brass Swan Bookends

Brass Deer

Brass “Thinker” Bookends

Collection of Brass Fruit

Small Brass Frog

Brass Shrimp


Please take a peek at all the other pretty things available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop!





Nothing Gold Can Stay

I was trying to think of a title for this post, and I kept thinking back to the Robert Frost poem in the book The Outsiders.  I think it’s so pretty, and has always been one of my favorites.  So how about a little poetry today?!

Nothin Gold Can Stay

As much as I love this poem, I think Robert Frost was wrong when it comes to home decor.  Gold can stay.  It is classic!

Let’s take a look at some inspiration for incorporating gold and brass into your decor:

via Decor Pad






Dwell Studio


via pinterest


Elle Decor


I have several gold tone vintage home accessories in the Pursuing Vintage Shop right now, including this new addition:

Brass Swan Set from Pursuing Vintage

Aren’t they a cute pair?

Remember what Robert Frost said, “nature’s first green is gold” – let’s hope nature’s first green is right around the corner!  Spring will sure feel gold after this extreme winter!

Have a great weekend!