DC Design House – A Belated Account

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This is a bit belated, seeing as how the event is over, but it left such an impression that I still have to share this beautiful home with you!

At the end of April I attended the DC Design House with a couple of friends – a fun girls day out while the kids were in school.  This year was a bit different than previous years, as the house was actually down the road from me in Virginia (not actually DC) and the house was new construction.

DC Design House 2015

Rendering via DC Design House


I was a bit disappointed when I heard the home was new construction – I’m an old home advocate!  But the builders integrated salvaged materials and made an effort to give the house an “old farmhouse feel” with modern amenities.  The result is a beautiful home with architectural character.

I want to share with you a few of my favorite spaces within the home.  Come with me on the tour!

A wonderful bar on the front porch greets guests.

DC Design House 2015 / Front Porch Bar / Designed by Powell & Lemieux

I’m in love with this elephant!

DC Design House 2015 / Front Porch Bar Styling / Designed by Powell & Lemieux

I have a thing for pleated skirt tables.  I’m desperate to find a place for one in my home!

I like how the designer, Pamela Harvey, used a combination of materials.  The stone planters on the table accent the stone wall in the background.  And yet, the gold tones keep the glamour.

DC Design House 2015 / Entry Hall / Skirted Table / Designed by Pamela Harvey

The dining room was stunning.  Again, the designers (Akseizer and Brown) used many different materials and textures.  Check out the timbers on the ceiling!  I absolutely love the chrome chairs paired with the traditional wood table.  However, I can’t say that I love the chandelier.  To me, it is a little overwhelming in this space, and seems “off” to me a bit.  What do you think?

DC Design House / Dining Room / Akseizer & Brown

A small detail that absolutely delighted me: these adorable knife rests!

DC Design House / Dining Room / Knife Rests / Akseizer & Brown

Here’s a great shot of the beautiful stone walls in the lower gallery.  I think this vignette of the Lucite chairs paired with the antique chest and modern photography is just stunning.

DC Design House 2015 / Gallery / Akseizer & Brown

Another beautiful pleated skirt table!  This upper gallery is such a bright and cheerful spot.  Of course I have a soft-spot for the Chinese Chippendale chairs!

DC Design House / Upper Gallery / Designed by Christopher Nutter

This pink and gold guest suite (designed by Alex Deringer & Courtney Cox) is so feminine and chic.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about the window treatments matching the wallpaper, but in this space, I think it works.  What do you think?

DC Design House 2015 / Guest Suite / Designed by Deringer & Cox

This built-in desk is just styled with such interesting pieces – it’s a neat little space with big impact.

DC Design House 2015 / Built in Desk in Hall / Designed by David Benton

The family room was one of my favorite rooms in the house.  I love how designer Iantha Carley mixed different styles and accomplished a comfortable real room.  I truly felt like this was a room that could be lived in, not just a “show room”.

DC Design House 2015 / Family Room / Designed by Iantha Carley

How fabulous is this etagere with the giant foo dog?  It is styled to perfection.

DC Design House 2015 / Etagere in Family Room / Designer Iantha Carley

And these authentic mid century chairs were a show-stopper for me.

DC Design House 2015 / Mid Century Chairs in Family Room / Designer Iantha Carley

Finally, I could dream up some spectacular dinner parties on this patio!

DC Design House 2015 / Patio / Designer Skip Sroka

Special thanks to the security guard/amateur photographer for getting our glamour shot in front of the house!  I told him to take it far away and I guess he listened… can you see us??!

DC Design House 2015 / Pursuing Vintage

If you’re in the market for a beautiful home located just outside of Washington, D.C., you can grab this one for a mere $4.8 million.  Check out the listing and more photos of the beautiful interior here.

Extra special thanks to Kathy & London for going with me to drool over the house and stunning interior design!




Quick Tip for Painting Doors


Quick Tip for Painting Doors by Pursuing Vintage - Save Time & Money


That’s right – don’t tape your windows!

When I recently painted my front door and back door, I taped all of the windows on the back door – and it was very time consuming.  It took forever to tape, and then, because I didn’t tape perfectly in some spots, I had to go back and touch up.

Pursuing Vintage : Painting Front Door

I found it much easier when painting my front door to skip taping the windows.  After the door was dry, I went back with some wet paper towels and a razor blade.  I found that if I wiped it down first, then scraped it, I could peel the paint off the glass.

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint Tip - Don't Tape

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint Tip - Don't Tape, Peel!

The edges looked much cleaner doing it this way.  I saved time and money by not using all that tape!

(However, I would recommend taping around your hardware and door handle).

Looks great, right?!

"Sophisticated" by @modernmastersinc is my color! See details #ontheblog  #oneroomchallenge #orc #paint #doors #red #pursuingvintage #diy

“Sophisticated” by @modernmastersinc is my color!
See details #ontheblog
#oneroomchallenge #orc #paint #doors #red #pursuingvintage #diy



Front Door Painting Made Easy with Modern Masters

I recently participated in Calling it Home’s One Room Challenge Linking Event.  I decided it was time to give the exterior of my home a makeover.  (You can see the entire makeover reveal here!)  Part of the makeover was to paint our front door, the back door inside and out, and shutters.

For these tasks, I tried out Modern Masters Front Door Paint.  I’ve been seeing people all over trying it out and loving it, and I was excited to give it a try!

First, let me say that I LOVE the Modern Masters color palette.  They offer 24 colors, which is just the right amount.  I find it overwhelming when paint companies offer zillions of colors.  And to further help me not feel overwhelmed, they offer a terrific app that you can download for free to help you see what your door will look like using any of the 24 available colors!

The first door I tackled was my back porch door.  Although it is located on my back porch, it is the primary entrance to our home.

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint BEFORE Back Door

I wanted to do something dramatic, and I wanted to paint the interior as well as the exterior of the door.  I chose color Peaceful from the Front Door Paint Collection.

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint in PEACEFUL

I started by reading the handy Step by Step Instructions.  After completely wiping alllll the pollen and dirt off the door, I taped the windows, and started painting according to the instructions.

Pursuing Vintage : Painting Front Door

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint : Painting Process

The paint is quick drying – so it’s important to just get it on the door.  I would make sure there weren’t any drips (you have to catch them fast!) and then keep moving.  This is what my door looked like after the first coat:

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint First Coat

Don’t be worried when it looks like this!  It takes less than an hour to dry, and you can start on the second coat.  I moved immediately to the interior side of the door (leaving the door cracked open so it wouldn’t stick while drying).  By the time I finished with the first coat on the interior, the exterior was dry and ready for a second coat.  The first coat takes the longest.  The second coat is quick.  I even did a quick third coat just to catch a few spots I had skimped on.  I was extremely pleased with how it turned out.

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint in PEACEFUL

And I am absolutely in love with how it looks on the inside.

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint in PEACEFUL Used on Interior

Even with painting about three coats on both sides of the door, I have some paint left over.  One jar is enough!

The next door I wanted to paint was my front door.  Here it is BEFORE.  The previous type of paint I used was chipping off and needed a facelift.

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint BEFORE

I chose a similar red color – Sophisticated from the Front Door Paint Collection.

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint in SOPHISTICATED

Beautiful, isn’t it?!

The final task that my husband and I wanted to complete was to paint and hang shutters on our home.  Our home had shutters in a previous life, but ever since we’ve lived there, there haven’t been any.  My hubby took on the challenge of salvaging shutters from homes in our neighborhood that were being torn down (so that new McMansions could be put up, which all look the same and totally destroy the character of the neighborhood… don’t get me started!!!!!!!!!).  Anyway – he worked very hard to acquire the correct number of shutters in the right sizes for our home.  He finally had them all – and we started painting!

We chose the color Elegant from the Front Door Paint Collection.

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint in ELEGANT

My husband was very impressed with how smoothly and evenly the paint went on.

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint Used on Shutters

And I was thrilled that this water based paint washes off hands so well!

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint Washes Off Hands!

Little helpers sometimes get messy!

We prepared all the shutters, but had technical difficulties when it came to actually hanging them.  I’ll be sure to share a photo when we work out the kinks, but here’s what they look like all ready for hanging!  They are going to look fantastic on our home, and give it the final touch we need.  Plus, Modern Masters is non-fading, so we won’t have to duplicate this process anytime soon!  Bonus!

Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters : Front Door Paint : Shutters

I have nothing but great things to say about using Modern Masters Front Door Paint.  My husband and I are thrilled with how our two doors look (and the inside of one!) and the shutters.  If you’re interested in trying it out – it is available at selected Lowes and Ace Hardwares as well as online at Amazon, HomeDepot.com, or the Modern Masters online shop.

So what do you think?  Which door do you prefer?  My front door in Sophisticated or my back door in Peaceful?


This is a sponsored post.  Pursuing Vintage was compensated with product by Modern Masters.  The company did not tell me what to write – all opinions are mine.