Miniature Rooms Done to Perfection

I sometimes feel as though I live in miniature rooms.  At 1,600 square feet and what seems like 16,000 square feet of Legos and trucks, there are times when I do feel like the walls are closing in on me.

But I’m actually not talking about “small” rooms today.  I’m talking about dollhouse-size rooms — decorated to absolute perfection, if you can imagine that.

I was in Chicago a month ago for a friend’s wedding, and I arrived early enough in the day that I was able to steal a few hours away at one of my most favorite spots in the world.  The Art Institute of Chicago.  I used to go there as a little girl – it would be an annual trip to wander the halls of the gorgeous building and absorb the French Impressionists (which were my favorite) and the Thorne Rooms.  The Thorne Rooms are a series of 68 miniature rooms that were commissioned in 1930’s by Mrs. James Ward Thorne.  She had master craftsmen reference historical documents, homes, and antique furnishings to recreate these miniature rooms to represent European and early American design.

I used to love looking at the rooms because I would imagine myself in them – sitting in tiny chairs, living that exquisite, miniature life.  But this time around, I was more interested in the actual design elements.  I was thrilled to see so many “trends” that are popular today depicted in these period rooms.

Kristen at Thorne Rooms

Here’s my big head next to one of the rooms.  Can you tell I’m totally excited?

Thorne Rooms

I stuck my finger in this photo so you can get an idea of scale.  And so you can see that amazing mini Lucite chair!

My cellphone photos of the rooms do not do justice to their amazing beauty.  I searched around the internet and have compiled some better photos for you to enjoy the decor (photos from The Art Institute and Chicago Post Card Museum).

As you can see, dollhouses are not just for little girls!


Florida Finds

We ended our summer with a weeks-long vacation on Florida’s Gulf coast.  It was a well deserved rest for my husband, and a wonderful time for our family to reconnect and spend quality time together.

That being said… I was in FLORIDA!!! And hello — there are treasures to be found there!  And I’m not talking about shark’s teeth and seashells!

I managed to sneak out during nap time one afternoon.  I hit a few local thrift stores and left practically sobbing that I didn’t have a way to bring home a truckload of awesome finds.

Florida thrift store brass etageres

Take a look at the above photo.  Not one, but THREE awesome brass etageres!  The one on the far end was this really cool folding-screen-esque etagere.

Florida thrift shop faux bamboo set

And this faux bamboo bedroom set (ignore the random shelf on top of the dresser).  Do I even need to say anything about this?!

You should have seen the amount of caned barrel back chairs.  And the gorgeous rattan.  I could go on… But it would depress me to think of all the goodies I left behind.

I did manage to bring back a few smaller pieces.

Florida thrift finds

This elephant family also came back with me – but sadly, he broke his ear along the way.

porcelain elephant family

My husband started to tease me that I was “working” on vacation – but really – work?!  Thrifting is my fun!

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Shutt-er’s Up!

Before summer began, we participated in Calling it Home’s One Room Challenge linking event.  We tackled our outdoor living spaces – transforming and updating our porches.  Part of our plan was to paint and install shutters to the exterior of our home.  Time got the better of us, and we had the shutters painted but just couldn’t get them hung on the house in time for the big reveal.

Well guess what?! The shutters are up!

I really can’t take credit for this project.  My husband thrifted all of the shutters for our home.  He actually salvaged them from the numerous tear-downs that are occurring in our neighborhood.  He’d drive by a house that was doomed for the dust, and he’d stop and check out the shutters.  Right material?  Right size?  Most shutters now are plastic.  We really wanted wood shutters, and love the satisfaction that comes from thrill of the hunt and then salvaging a perfectly good piece of architectural detail.

As part of the porches makeover, I repainted our doors using Modern Masters Front Door Paint.  We just loved the color options, and were so pleased with how easy the paint went on, that we wanted to see how the paint would work on the shutters.  We chose Elegant from the Front Door Paint Collection.


Pursuing Vintage : Modern Masters Front Door Paint in ELEGANT

The painting part was seriously the easy part.  Hanging shutters is the not-so-easy part!  But they are up, and they look FAB-u-lous!

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door & Shutter Paint by Modern Masters

Modern Masters Front Door Paint on Shutters ELEGANT

The shutters really add that last bit of charm to our home that we were searching for.

My husband even found long shutters for our back porch door – something we’ve coveted on other homes for awhile!

Back Door : Modern Masters Front Door Paint : Pursuing Vintage

The shutter paint color looks wonderful with both of the door paint colors we used (Peaceful and Sophisticated from the Front Door Paint Collection).

We are so happy with how it all looks – and we’re looking forward to some cooler weather around the corner so we can actually enjoy sitting on our porches again!  (Humidity in DC in August is horrrrrible!).

Pursuing Vintage : Front Door Paint by Modern Masters


This is a sponsored post.  Pursuing Vintage was compensated with product by Modern Masters.  The company did not tell me what to write – all opinions are mine.